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Saturday, July 30, 2016


Each one is amazing & rare phenomenon.
Blue ice...the result of snow falling on a glacier becoming compressed.Amazing aspects of the world  
Not a branch. It's a mammoth tusk unearthed from the ground. Amazing aspects of the world
Not Legoland. It's a housing complex in San Buenaventura, Mexico.
Amazing aspects of the worldThis
looks like a piece of art, but it’s a honeycomb.
Amazing aspects of the world
An infrared photo of a garden.  This is what a bee sees.
Amazing aspects of the world
This giant cactus, Pachycereus weberi, is native to Mexico and southern Arizona.
Amazing aspects of the world
This is what smoking does to your curtains. 
Amazing aspects of the world
The stunning blue-ringed octopus, one of the most dangerous marine animals.
Amazing aspects of the world
The Iraqi Marshes: an aquatic landscape in adesert climate.
Amazing aspects of the world
A 27,000-year-old hand print 
discovered on the rocks of an Indonesian island.
Amazing aspects of the world
Looks like a tattoo?
They're scars left after being struck bylightning.
Amazing aspects of the world
Bangledeshians get creative:
a floating bridge made out of dinghies.
Amazing aspects of the world
What a difference a century makes: The daily commute, then and now.
Amazing aspects of the world
Lavender and wheat fields grow side by side in perfect harmony.
Amazing aspects of the world
This is the rarely seen ili pika (Ochotona iliensis), a shy mountain animal from China that was recently spotted for the first time in 20 years.
A rare sight: a sunset and eclipse at the same time.
Amazing aspects of the world
An ice cave formed by volcanic hot springs.
Amazing aspects of the world
Stuyvesant Town is Manhattan's largestapartment complex.
Amazing aspects of the world
Not something you see every day:  lightningand a rainbow.
Amazing aspects of the world
A cloud formation above Lake Michigan in Holland State Park, Michigan.
Amazing aspects of the world
A bird’s-eye view of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.
Amazing aspects of the world
To get an idea of how large the comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko is, it has been rendered next to a city.

Saturday, February 13, 2016


Inline images 1

Bombay Calling! Don't miss its cinemas and shops! Use the train Thks 

Wednesday, February 10, 2016


In the early twentieth century, a farmer decided that he needed to improve the agriculture on his ranch in Nevada. He figured that a well needed to be dug to bring water and nutrients to the soil above. He lived in a barren desert and the water stored deep beneath the Earth’s crust would have provided a more sustainable crop for this harsh and dry area. He knew that a well with ample water was needed to supply bountiful crops. What he didn’t know was what was waiting for him deep below the soil. He began to dig a deep well when problems soon arose. After digging deep into the Earth searching for water, he found what he was looking for. The problem was that the water was incredibly hot. Over 200 degrees in fact, making it impossible to create a well at the time. He capped off his ventures and was forced to forget about supplying the area with a sustainable water source.
A team came to the area with better drilling technology in 1964, in order to create a successful well. Their plans didn’t go as expected as the water was still too hot for them to deal with. The drilling operation was immediately suspended and abandoned. The team that came in 1964 didn’t cap their drilling ventures properly and they created a small geyser. Under extreme pressure and at extreme temperatures, gasses, water, minerals, and nutrients flooded to the surface. This small geyser has grown at an incredible rate creating something that nobody expected. It is not a typical geyser at all. This type of geyser is actually called a fly geyser and it pumps the nutrient rich water above ground where these nutrients and minerals have collected, creating a colorful mountain that continues to grow to this day.

The fly geyser in Nevada started out as an attempt to create a well but the drillers got much more than they bargained for when they were faced with scalding hot water. After the operations were abandoned, a beautiful monument created by nature was formed and it has taken on a life of its own, continuously growing and changing. The mineral rich water has created a mountain of colorful formations that have stunned the world.

The fly geyser in Nevada has created its own unique ecosystem in and around the water.


If you get close enough you’re able to see small fish swimming in the hot spring waters and many birds flying around feeding on the organisms that have come to call this magical fantasy land, home.

The different nutrients, gasses, and minerals that are expelled from this fly geyser in Nevada react differently to the sun, as well as the oxygen in the air. This reaction creates some magnificent colors that are constantly changing. The longer this geyser flows, the more beautiful it becomes. Look out Yellowstone. It looks like you have some serious competition in Nevada.

The fly geyser in Nevada is located on private land so you would need permission to see the rare sight. Many people have contacted the land owners with offers to purchase the land in order to transform this desert oasis into a tourist attraction. The land owners have no intent of letting that happen. This is their own private oasis and they are happy with keeping it that way. They have refused all offers and keep their property fenced in to prevent the hoards of people that flock to this area to see the geyser from ruining their land. Few people, family and friends, even a few photographers have been allowed access but this is someone’s land. I can understand the owners not wanting too many strangers trampling the beautiful rural area.

The land owners will give you a guided tour if you can get a hold of them. The price varies on their mood and the time of year, so if you want to make plans to see this place you better be nice to the owner and his family.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

9 Good habits that one must develop

Habits die hard when learnt at young age. 
9 good habits are given for all ages, more suitable to younger persons. Because they will live for more years than the elders and let them get more prolonged benefits by inculcating these good habits.
So, please share this with young ones around you.

Smile is a natural habit which we have it in ourselves by birth.
So why be a person having frown face 24/7 365 days??? Which not only make you feel and depressed it also make you to push away from others too! . Start smiling and share happiness every minute of your life.
2. Stop gossiping
- GOSSIP is what no one claims to like but everyone enjoys. “Great people talk about Ideas, Average people talk about Things and Small people talk about other people”  be a great person, not a small person!
3. Stop giving excuses
– observe people around you all unsuccessful people suffer from a mind deadening though disease. We call this disease EXCUSITIS! Ask yourself if you are one among those diseased people. And cure yourself of EXCUSITIS!
4.Dream big
– As a kid all of us dream like crazy! We dream about the silliest to the craziest and the biggest dreams ever the only work we do when we something new is to start dreaming. That was really fun and inspired every second, why do we start killing our as we grow older and older. If someone somewhere had never dreamt of creating a computer you would have not read my article here!
5.Start taking action 
– Why sit comfortably and talk about problems whole day and wait got some miracle to happen?? Miracles will happen when someone else takes action to fool you and make millions!
6.Thinking positive
– Do not allow negative thoughts to come in your mind! And positive thinking is not about expecting the best thing to happen every time but, accepting that whatever happens   is the best at that moment.
7.Shed your EGO 
– Accept your mistakes and be willing to learn from everyone around you. Majority of us have EGO which never allows us to grow in life the quicker we shed it the sooner we reach heights in life.
  Develop a good listening attitude because “Most people do not listen with an intent to understand they listen with an intent to reply”
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9. What will they think about me??
 Never ever in your life get affected by this highly disease this will make your life hell!  The sooner you come out of this mindset the better your life will be.
 Stop blaming others for your trouble your dreams can be made into reality by only you not by others and it’s your life , when you blame others for what you are going through you deny responsibility and you give other power over that part of your life.