fellow aviation buffs,

These are aerobatics like you’ve never seen. We’ve all seen some pretty neat stuff done by Sukhoi 30 MKIs & MIG 29s & other combat jets at air shows, but those have thrust vectoring and really powerful engines. This guy is flying a piston-engined machine!!

Kirby Chambliss is 50 years old...practices aerobatic routines at least a dozen times every week. Practice equals perfection!! !!!!!
Until just a few years ago, airplanes physically could not do what you will see this one do. It is still hard to believe when you see this in person. But this is all real and there is no trick photography. Not only is the airplane unbelievable but the pilot is some guy; taking g-forces between about +8 and -4.
The airplane is an Edge 540 manufactured in Guthrie , Oklahoma.

The engine is 540 cu. inches, 10.5:1 compression ratio, has a Cold Air induction System and is fuel injected ... engine preparation done by Barrett Precision Engines. It makes 320 BHP @ 2850 RPM and weighs 385 lbs. The airplane can fly inverted until it runs out of gas.

Kirby Chambliss is a Red Bull pilot and Captain for Southwest Airlines.

Enjoy the clip. Cheers!!