Does this nation Have a Future???? WHAT V VOTE FOR

Does this nation Have a Future????

Hi , People need to look after their business interests. Illicit liquor kills people from the constituency that gives votes as well as consumes the liquor. Compensating NoK of liquor tragedy is an investment in future income from the tax payers' money. Compare that with what the life of a Major can give in return and you get the answer. It is SICK.....

Subject: Does this nation Have a Future????

Maj Sandeep Unnikrishan


Liquor Tragedy - Kerala Govt Perspective

The martyr, Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan's family got 3.00 lakhs

Victims of liquor

tragedy got 5.00 lakhs each!

Moral of the Story

Better Die drinking Hootch (Hic!) than For the nation.

Your Family gets looked after better!!!

The Writing is Clearly on the Wall

Not difficult to decide

Whether this nation has a future

Hans Chugega Dana aur Kaowa Moti Khaega