Let Me Bug You... a little !

1. Each year, pediculosis capitis causes a number of children not to be allowed into schools. What is pediculosis capitis?

2. Virtually all of us have been bothered by the Musca domestica. What is the English term for this creature?

3. Name the insect that comes in 3,500 varieties, carries 100 different kinds of bacteria and can spread food poisoning.

4. The only poisonous species on the islands of New Zealand are in the genus Latrodectus. They are related to the Latrodectus mactans, which is found in America. What is a Latrodectus mactans?

5. Ants have been known to use repletes as a source of liquid food. What is a replete?

6. What is the lone function of the drone in a bee colony?

7. There are several queen bee larvae in a bee colony, but only one queen rules. Where do the other queens go when they hatch?

8. What insect that was brought to the New World by early settlers did the Native Americans label "the white man's fly"?

9. Insects breathe through spiracles. What are spiracles?

10. The ancient Chinese used what may have been the first insecticide. Name the compound and the insect it was intended to kill.