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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Know Your Self

Know Your Self

“Imagine, you say, ‘My mind is totally upset today. Yesterday I was all peaceful, happy. Today, I am disturbed.’ What is the common thing behind these statements? The common factor is that you know. You know that you are disturbed; you know you are not disturbed. The true you is that which knows everything, while the superficial you, is the mind. Although your mind is disturbed in some way today, the knower of your mind is not disturbed. Your mind was happy yesterday, and now, today, your mind is not happy. When you say your mind, then who are you? You might say, ‘I am my body, my mind, my intelligence, my ego.’ Of course you seem to have those things. But, who are you in reality? Find out the answer. That is what you call, ‘knowing your Self.’

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