Juice therapy

Juice Therapy: An effective medicine
Method to extract juice
1.Crush fruit/vegetable and than extract juice from it by using cloth.
2.Churn pieces of vegetables and fruits with some water in mixer.
3.Churn fruit/vegetable with or without seeds.
Things to be remember
Sometime juices of various Fruits Vegetables also act as a medicine. It not only purifies blood but also removes poisonous toxic element from our body also creates new cells in the body.
Along with Medical treatment, juices of following eatables are also effective on specified disease.

DiseaseEffective juices their combinations.
AciditylCabbage + CarrotlCucumber + Potato + Apple + Sweet Lime+ Watermelon.
AcnelCarrot + SpinachlPotato + Beetroot + Cucumber + GrapeslWatermelonlPapayalMassage Papaya or Potato juices on the face.
AnemialMixed juices of leafy vegetableslBeet rootlCabbageulBitter-gourdlApricotlGrapes
AsthmalCarrot + Beet-Root + CabbagelMixture Of Juices Of Leafy VegetableslPotato + ApplelGarliclPapaya
BronchilWarm Water + Ginger + Honey + Lemon JuicelWarm Water + Garlic + OnionlRadishlCabbagelBeet-rootlCucumberlCarrot.
CancerlCarrotlGrapelBeet-rootlApplelGingerlPapayalTomatolWheat grass.
CholeralBeelee Fruit + Mint + Garlic + Onion + Warm WaterlCoconut water.
ColdlLemon Juice + Warm WaterlGingerlOrangelCarrotlRadishlGarlic.
Cardiac troubleslHoneylCoconut waterlPapayalPomegranatelPineapplelGarlic.
ColitislCarrot + SpinachlCucumberlApplelBeet-rootlPapayalBeeleelOrange.
ConstipationlSpinach + CarrotlPotato + Cucumber + ApplelFiglBileelGuavalOrange.
CoughlWarm Water + Honey + Lemon JuicelA glassful ofCarrot juices+ T.s each of Garlic + Onion + Basil.
DiabeteslRose applelTomatolCucumberlLemonlBitter gourdlCarrotlCabbagelFrench bean.
DiarrhealBeelee Fruit + Apple + Garlic + Green TurmericlBeet Root + Pineapple.
SpruelThick buttermilklHold Pineapple Juice in mouth for a while then swallow.lWarm Water + Garlic + Onion.
EczemalCarrot + Spinach + Leafy VegetableslPapayalWatermelonlPotato juice may be rubbed externally on the affected skin.
EyeslCarrot + Leafy VegetableslReduce the intake of sugar.
FeveruWarm Water +Honey + Lemon Juice uWarm Water + Garlic + Onion u Cabbage u Gourd u Basil u Pomegranate u Orange + Sweet Lime.
For beautifying complexionlTomato + TurmericlBeet Root + ApplelGuava + PapayalCucumber juice should be drunk as well as applied externally to the skin.
For freshness and coolinglWater MelonlPineapplelApple.
FracturelAlfalfa + Spinach + Pot Herb + Fenugreek + Drumstick + BishopslWater melonlCarrotlGuavalPapayalAwla.
GoutlWarm Water + Honey + Lemon JuicelWarm Water + Garlic + OnionlFrench beanslCherrylPotato.
HeadachelGingerlCarrotlBeet rootlCucumberlTomatolCabbagelApple.
High blood pressurelGarlic + Basil + Wheat grasslCarrotlBeet rootlCucumberlPapayalAlfalfalOrange
High cholesterollBasillGarlic + Onion.
Impurity of bloodlCarrot + SpinachlCabbagelBeet rootlTomatolLemonlApplelBitter gourdlTbs of green turmeric.
Indigestionlwarm water + lemon juicelA spoonful of gingerlPapayalPineapplelCucumberlCabbagelGarlic + Beet Root + Spinach.
InfertilitylFruits Vegetable Containing Vitamin E LikelAwlalCarrotlSpinachlApplelTomato etc.lWheat grass.
InsomnialApple + Guava + PotatolCarrot + Spinach (juice should not be taken after 6 p.m.)
JaundicelBitter gourd (empty stomach)lGourd + Carrot + Beet Root + Cucumber + ApplelPapaya + Green Turmeric + Grapes + Orange + Sweet LimelSugarcane.
Kidney stone/slCarrotlCucumberlBeet RootlApplelPumpkinlCoconut WaterlAvoid Taking Juice Of LealMagnetized Water.
Loss of appetitelLemon WaterlBitter GourdlCarrotlGinger.
Menstrual disorderslCarrotlPapayalPineapplelGrapeslMixed Juices Of Leafy Vegetables.
MigrainelLemon Juice + A Spoonful Of Ginger Juice.
Nausea and VomitinglPomegranatelPapayalLemonlOrangelPineapplelTomato
Nervous disorderslGreen Leafy VegetablelFrench beans.
PileslCarrotlPotatolFiglLeafy VegetableslOnion Juice Is An Excellent Remedy For Oozing Piles.
PneumonialWarm Water + Garlic + Lemon + HoneylWarm Water + Garlic + OnionlBasillSweet LimelOrangelCarrot
PregnancylTake Particular Care To Have Enough Of Vitamins A, D, and C and of Iron. Take Freely Juices Of Carrot, Tomato, Apple, Fig, Beet Root, Gourd And Leafy Vegetables.
Problems regarding teethlCarrotlApplelGuavalOrangelChew Leafy VegetablelLemon Juice (minimize the use of sugar).
Prostate gland troubleslPumpkin Juice Is An Excellent Remedy For These Troubles.lBeet Root + Pumpkin.
PyorrhealCarrot, Guava, Apple Before Eating And Also Take Their JuiceslLemonlOrangelLeafy VegetablelOccasionally Make Use Of Garlic + Onion.
RheumatismlCarrotlCucumberlCabbagelGrapeslBitter GourdlApplelCoconutlWheat Grass
ScurvyJuices Of Citrus And Sweet Fruits LikelAwlalGuavalAlfalfalRadishlPapayalPotatolLemonlOrangelSweet LimelPineapplelCherry etc.
Skin diseaseslCarrot + SpinachlBeet RootlCucumberlTurmericlWatermelonlGuavalApplelSweet limelPotato And Papaya Juice.
Sun strokelAmlalTamarindlOrangelSweet LimelWatermelon - Melon (mixed or separate juice)
Throat troubleslWarm Water + Lemon Juice + HoneylCarrot + Beet Root + CucumberlWarm Water + Ginger + Garlic + OnionlA Tablespoon Green Turmeric.
TuberculosislCarrotlGarlic + Onion + HoneylNecessaryMedical TreatmentShould Be Taken.
TyphoidlWarm Water + Lemon JuicelA Glassful Of Warm Water + A Tablespoonful Of Garlic - OnionlPomegranate + Sweet Lime + Orange + Basil.
Weakened sexual drivelCarrot + SpinachlBeet Root + Cucumber + ApplelPumpkin.
WormslA Glassful Of Warm Water+ A Tablespoonful Of Garlic OnionlPumpkinlFenugreek + Mint + Papaya.
Peptic ulcerslCabbagelCucumberlPapayalPotato.
InfluenzalWarm Water + Lemon Juice + HoneylWarm Water + A Tablespoonful Of Garlic - OnionlCarrotlOrangelSweet Lime.
Internal HemorrhagelApplelLemon JuicelCarrot.
OsteoporosislLeafy VegetableslRadishlCabbagelSprouted PulseslTake Food Rich In Calcium, Vitamins D and C and Protein.
RejuvenationlCarrotlOrangelSpinachlWheat GrasslAwla
Renal diseasesAll fruits are diuretic. so give relief in the Burning Sensation, Kidney and Urinal Disorders.lBeet RootlCarrotlCucumberlMelonlWatermelonlGrapeslPineapplelCoconut.
SplenomegalylPapaya juice is most effective in this diseaselRose ApplelLemonlGreen TurmericlGarliclOnionlCarrot.
Gastric ulcerslCabbage Juice DailylCucumberlPapayalPotatolAvoid Taking Fibrous Eatables.