Are you/ Can you be - Successful?

While working together in an Organization, we meet a lot of different types of people. With some we become best friends, with some we enjoy working professionally, with some we learn to work with in-spite of professional differences while some we come to despise and avoid all contacts with them.

Let me ask you –
“Are you liked by your colleagues”?

Usually the employees who display positive inter-personal and team bonding traits are the ones who are not only liked and respected more, but also these employees climb the Corporate Ladder much faster. These are the ones whom we call ‘Successful’.

Let me ask you again, at whichever phase  of career you may be at –
“Are you successful, as much as you wanted to be?”

If your answer is ‘Yes’, then I congratulate you.

If your answer is ‘No’, then take a look at this info-graphic from MaryEllen Tribby *. This info-graphic provides a handy tool for us to identify what are usually  ‘perceived’ as the personal factors related to being ‘Successful’.

You may not agree with a few points and in fact you may challenge the meaning of ‘Being Successful’ itself, yet the purpose of this effort is to kindle a culture based on ‘doing the right thing, always’. And then surely we will be ‘Successful’ too.
-         Corporate L&D Team

* InfoGraphic Source – Mary Allen Tibby ( )
** The Info-graphic is attached too for ease of  printing

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