Greetings at the Shenshai Nauruz & Khordaad Sal. AN ANDRE RIEU CONCERT

Spare 90 minutes to view this concert .. a collector’s piece and a musicians delight !!!
Will have you spell bound.

Greetings at the Shenshai Nauruz & Khordaad Sal.

I love hearing Andre Rieu concerts but this one (the first attachment) was, by far for reasons given below:.
  • the concert was performed on the island of Mainau. This is an island in the south of Germany which is world famous for being able to grow tropical plants and flowers.
  • not far from this island is the town of Lindau where, every year, Nobel prize winners invite brilliant young students for discussions on subjects of varied interests. 
  • all of you would have missed out on the commentaries by Andre as they were in perfect German. 
  • I was not aware of the fact that it is the family of Count Bernadotte, a Swedish diplomat ( I believe he had a significant role to play in the earlier years at the  UN) maintains this island. Several members of this family were present at the concert. The three outstanding tenors presented bouquets of roses to the senior most members of the family.
  • Andre mentioned that he had to chase these three talented tenors all around the world to be able to get them to sing together.
  • a part of this concert was dedicated to the famous German soprano Annelise Rothenberger who lived close to the island and had wanted to attend. She passed way a while before the concert was performed. The blond and brilliant Australian soprano sang the song which Annelise used to sing.
  • the trumpet solo was dedicated to peace and quiet of which, Andre mentioned, there is so little left in this world of ours today.
  • Andre spoke of the many letters of appreciation he gets. One came from a doctor who wrote of the therapeutic value of music by Andre which helped alleviate a part of the medical problems of one of the doctor's patients!
  • Andre is very proud of his orchestra which always plays with a lot of passion. Called it the happiest orchestra in the world! I agree.
  • he spoke of musicians like himself who are very poor!! Two of them were sitting at a cafe in Vienna when two other friends dropped by. They composed an Operetta, (a part of which was played and had the Boden See, on which Mainau is located, as the theme) in the hope that it would meet with success and the money so made would go for the welfare of the two musicians. 
  • towards the end Andre asked the audience whether it was tired. As the answer was negative, he played an encore
  • the final piece was Good N

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