9 Good habits that one must develop

Habits die hard when learnt at young age. 
9 good habits are given for all ages, more suitable to younger persons. Because they will live for more years than the elders and let them get more prolonged benefits by inculcating these good habits.
So, please share this with young ones around you.

Smile is a natural habit which we have it in ourselves by birth.
So why be a person having frown face 24/7 365 days??? Which not only make you feel and depressed it also make you to push away from others too! . Start smiling and share happiness every minute of your life.
2. Stop gossiping
- GOSSIP is what no one claims to like but everyone enjoys. “Great people talk about Ideas, Average people talk about Things and Small people talk about other people”  be a great person, not a small person!
3. Stop giving excuses
– observe people around you all unsuccessful people suffer from a mind deadening though disease. We call this disease EXCUSITIS! Ask yourself if you are one among those diseased people. And cure yourself of EXCUSITIS!
4.Dream big
– As a kid all of us dream like crazy! We dream about the silliest to the craziest and the biggest dreams ever the only work we do when we something new is to start dreaming. That was really fun and inspired every second, why do we start killing our as we grow older and older. If someone somewhere had never dreamt of creating a computer you would have not read my article here!
5.Start taking action 
– Why sit comfortably and talk about problems whole day and wait got some miracle to happen?? Miracles will happen when someone else takes action to fool you and make millions!
6.Thinking positive
– Do not allow negative thoughts to come in your mind! And positive thinking is not about expecting the best thing to happen every time but, accepting that whatever happens   is the best at that moment.
7.Shed your EGO 
– Accept your mistakes and be willing to learn from everyone around you. Majority of us have EGO which never allows us to grow in life the quicker we shed it the sooner we reach heights in life.
  Develop a good listening attitude because “Most people do not listen with an intent to understand they listen with an intent to reply”
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9. What will they think about me??
 Never ever in your life get affected by this highly disease this will make your life hell!  The sooner you come out of this mindset the better your life will be.
 Stop blaming others for your trouble your dreams can be made into reality by only you not by others and it’s your life , when you blame others for what you are going through you deny responsibility and you give other power over that part of your life.